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Message From The Founder

From television commercials, films, documentaries to fictions, soaps and corporate films, we have the competency to provide a one stop solution for all your production requirements and the allied services required for executing the project. Some of them are as follows:


Hiring Crew and Support Staff

Hiring a good crew is critical to the success of any production. It’s okay to get friends along for your shoot, but ask yourself if you and your friends have ever completed complicated projects as a team before. There’s no time to learn on this job. Once a project gets underway the momentum always builds. Don’t take the excitement you see at the beginning to mean ‘stamina’ to sustain oneself till the end. It’s better to have professionals than novices. And that is where we come in.


Production Design

Production Design begins with the shooting script and storyboarding or previz. The person in charge is the Production Designer, under whom the Art Director, the Prop Master, the Costume Designer, etc. works.



Sometimes filmmakers like to have pieces of music arranged beforehand to use during the shoot. We can assist you in creating your background scores.


Action and Stunts

Even simple movies might have small bits of action. It’s easy to look past this during the rush of pre-production but it’s critical you discuss all action, no matter how silly it sounds, with an experienced Stunt person, which we have. What you think is easy might end up being too complicated or dangerous.



Some projects like music videos have choreographed dance routines that need to be designed and practiced well before principle photography. This is the responsibility of a Choreographer.


Wardrobe and Makeup, Prosthetics, Costumes

Small projects might not have any of this. But having a makeup artist is extremely important. A minor ‘touch-up’ can be the difference between a poor shot and a great shot. On most films, wardrobe is part of the production design, and needs to be designed carefully. Not only do you need perfectly matching clothes, you need backups of these, because they will tear, get stolen or be ‘misplaced’. Prosthetics is a specialized field and demands professionals who have dedicated their lives perfecting it. No, your makeup person is not a prosthetic expert Ours’ is!



Rentals are everything that needs to be rented. On a large project, many items are rented only for a few days. Keeping tabs of what comes in and what goes out on a daily basis is a job in itself. You miss a day and you pay extra. We ensure that you do not pay extra.



Props are important, especially ‘hero’ props which are critical for a scene. On a large project there are usually thousands of props – all of them important. Keeping tabs on them is tough. Designing them, and creating backups for each, is another job altogether.


Camera, Grip, Lighting and Audio Equipment

This department is perhaps most important as without a proper camera and equipment, your shooting will not happen. Newcomers put too much effort into this one department, wasting precious time and resources that are needed elsewhere. It is a never-ending story that new filmmakers often sideline important activities to fulfill gear-lust. This is the department that ‘loses’ the most items during a shoot. We don’t let you lose any item.



On movies that involve keying or visual effects, it’s good practice to have an ‘expert’, usually the Visual Effects Supervisor, on set. Their advice is invaluable, and the cost of having them on set is negligible compared to the cost of correcting mistakes later in post.


Stills and Publicity

Finally, we have stills and publicity. If you’ve done everything perfectly up until this point, go ahead and hire a photographer and publicist to record and promote your endeavor. You might also take our help and t let the world know what happened.

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