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International Film Distribution

We are frequently approached by filmmakers who wish to see their films distributed and screened in cinemas around the world. There is no single route to the cinema screen and with over 100s of theatrical distributors of all shapes and sizes; it can be daunting for filmmakers to choose the method which is right for their film.

The traditional route for a film seeking distribution to be shown in cinemas is to enter major international film festivals. If a film is lucky enough to be selected for these “A” list international festivals, they provide an invaluable shop window for the global distribution markets. A film selected for these festivals will be seen by the world’s distributors and if you’re lucky they will bid against each other for the right to distribute your film in their respective countries (both theatrically and non-theatrically). In any major film festival showing 200 or more feature films, at least 40% of these will never get distribution and will not be seen again on a cinema screen in that country. It is estimated that at best 10% of features produced will see the inside of a cinema.

Equally important as distributors are international sales agents. These companies will assess new films and buy worldwide rights which they then sell on to distributors across the planet. They often have excellent relationships with festivals and distributors of all sizes in all markets. They are invaluable for getting the best deal in territories most filmmakers may not even have thought of. A distributor will be much more likely to take a film seriously as a commercial proposition if it has been presented to them by a recognized sales agent. We license film worldwide, territory by territory, for theatrical, broadcast, digital, home video, and educational distribution

IFS allows sellers’ content like programs, films, documentaries, short videos and other audio/video content to buyers such as TV channels, mobile portals, and other resellers who are looking for various types of high quality content. IFS is the single destination for those who seek to trade their content in the most convenient and hassle free manner. We aim to get the buyer available more information, in order to make better and more rational decisions for selecting the content they desire.

IFS acts as programming advisors, distributors, consultants, development agents, and providers of training and other services. We have good working relationships more than 800 worldwide distribution houses, range of international sales agents and a number of independent producers which make our job easier to distribute & promote any good film in the international film market.

So the traditional steps are to show your film to as many relevant sales agents as possible in the hope they will take you on, enter your film in keys festivals, market them to distributors (an expensive business) and sell your film for you worldwide. Once your film has been seen and hopefully bought by a distributor it will likely find its way to cinemas in that territory and from there to TV, DVD and online markets too.

It is a cumbersome, lengthy and often depressing process. That is where we come in. We can still approach festivals directly on your behalf and also individual distributors. With more than on your behalf, we produce marketing materials (posters, trailers, prints etc.), book and pay for your advertising (depending on your resources this can be a vast expenditure or a single ad on the day of release in a major national newspaper). Our own specialist PR personnel ensure the national film press (print and online) see your film in advance and write about it/review it on the day of your release. Reviews are free advertising and a good one is a huge aid to getting your film into cinemas. We also help you out with the certification and classification of your film from the Censor Board.

Selling the film to cinemas can be a tough job. We need to convince the distributors that your film should be chosen over the other 10-15 or so releases opening every week. This is a combination of communicating what is great about your film, but also convincing exhibitors that your film will have the visibility it needs to find an audience. This visibility comes from advertising, festival exposure, reviews, word of mouth on preview screenings and is one of the hardest things to secure and to convince others.


How we work:

At IFS, we don’t just acquire rights to your film but we become your representative in order to find the largest possible audience for your film. In order to do that, we develop tailor-made strategies suiting your film’s need.

To get your film out front we've got the determination required to infiltrate the most influential programmers and platforms in the world.

We negotiate contracts on your behalf, seeking the best possible license fees in each individual market and working with distributors to find creative solutions reach wider audiences.

We negotiate contents directly and avoid aggregator. Our direct relationships with platforms like Netflix, iTunes, Amazon and more, allow us to present and prepare your content without a third party intervention in the process.

We're totally transparent in all our dealings and only retain our Royalty when we receive a substantial amount for our efficient and serious efforts. We understand that our success first depends on yours.



  • • We safeguard the interest of Producers.
  • • We act as a media between content buyers’ and sellers’ right from licensing issues to price negotiations.
  • • Efficient transaction with reduced cost.
  • • Wide range of tools and services to participate in global content market for multiple content offering and distribution.


Key Benefits:

  • • Profit from efficient, rapid way to bring valuable content to the market.
  • • Extend the reach of your marketing and sales activities.
  • • Stay in control of your licensing processes and conditions.
  • • Leverage the potential of adding more distribution channels.
  • • Reduced transaction cost.
  • • Get complete transparency of your revenue generation.



If you have a project that you would like to discuss with us, please contact us @ |project@indianfilmservices.com | or call us 033 60500048 / 65651165

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